About Us

The creator of the Active Shooter Workshop, Darren Myers, is a 42 year veteran of the martial arts of self-defense. He has trained many law enforcement officers over the last 4 decades on a local, state and military level. He is a certified defense tactics instructor for law enforcement and holds a 8th degree black belt in Japanese Karate. He also holds black belts in other styles.

The Active Shooter Workshop is based on his experience and research in law enforcement training and active shooter events. Mr. Myers worked several times with the U.S. Coast Guard Law Enforcement Team on defensive tactics instruction. He has spent numerous hours researching active shooter incidences, profiling shooters and studying details of events.

Mr. Myers has years of experience conducting safe and professional seminars in the United States and abroad. His high standard of professionalism in his classes is evident whether he is working with law enforcement, veterans, active military or civilians and children.

Mr. Myers has a great deal of passion for teaching and helping people to protect themselves in highly volatile situations. He offers the Active Shooter Workshop to the community free of charge so that any person, organization or business can have access to this important information. Donations are accepted and given to ForKids of Virginia, a charitable organization that helps homeless children and families in Hampton Roads.